Greater consistency, Scalable , Easy to use, Retaining Fabric with Feel.

P-Press Heat Transfer Machine is a multifunctional heat transfer machine, easy to operate with simple setting of speed and pressure.


  • 0.5 mg drum balancing variation (Lowest in Industry)
  • Teflon coated, Heat conducting and oil heating mechanism.
  • Work on uneven fabric, cut pieces and roll to roll printing.
  • Enables, adjustable pneumatic pressurizing for flexible control of pressure, Allow constant temperature control.
  • Excellent print quality and ink penetration Ensures no color difference of fabric before and after the transfer printing.
  • Low power consumption and manpower required cost effective printing.
  • Enclosed wrapping of the roller ensures protection from heat loss problem.

Technical Spacification

Drum Size Power Temp Range Speed Electric Element Dimension(L*W*H)
420mm 26KW 0-399 100-150Mtr/Hr. 15pcs 2820*1170*1430
600mm 42KW 0-399 250-300Mtr/Hr 27pcs 830*1250*1600
800mm 62KW 0-399 350-400Mtr/Hr. 36pcs 2840*1650*1850
1000mm 75KW 0-399 450-500Mtr/Hr. 45pcs 2850*2200*2150