Textile Felt (Blanket)– 100% Nomex

Nomex Felt is made of imported high-temperature Nomex fiber. The intermediate base fabric is made of polyester dry mesh and Kevlar base. The temperature can reach 250 degrees. The late shrinkage rate is 2%, the elongation is 3%, weight is 3000g/m2 (normal 8mm thickness), is a special blanket for all kinds of fabrics, curtain fabrics, decorative fabric transfer printing machines.

Nomex Blanket1.1


  • Strict Quality Check of Raw Material and Parameters.
  • Durable, Seamless, Accurate Alignment
  • Excellent Tension and Heat Resistant
  • Widely Fit for Different Brands of Heat Presses, Calendars


Blanket Material & Structure 100% Nomex
Temperature Tolerance Range < 250℃
Normal Working Temperature 200℃ – 230℃
Standard Thickness 8mm (0.315”)
Standard Density 3000g/sqm
Tension Force 3-4.5kN
Available Size Width < 3.5m(138”); Length > 1.6m(63”)