About Us

About Us


PANTONE INDIA is Surat based company. Surat is a textile hub in india and south Asia region. Pantone India is one of the top rated and leading digital textile solution providers in india. We are dealing in state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge technology in digital printing machines. As we are in service industry, we warp up our core functioning values as per customer centric operation.

Our service operation and customer handling system are strongly backed by scientific tools and deep market research for total quality management system. we are possessing state of the art research and development facilities inhouse where we are working on future trends in textile machinery and cutting-edgetechnologies.

We have technology partners across pan Asia region. We have extended our feet throughout the market in very short span. We are introducing customers to the world of limitless design possibilities.

Service is an important aspect of our commitment towards the customers, customers’ needs are at upmost priority for us. Immediateavailability of spare parts, skilled technic, timelyintervention and periodic maintenance service. Excellent team of engineers to meet clients’requirements and technical challenges. Training programs for skill development and to acquaintance with modern technologies.

We offer you the machine which revolutionizing the world of printing with robust performance, lowest down tine, high value and ROI. Pantone India provides an organized complete solution to meet the requirement for customers and investors who want to kick start their digital textile printing project foreseeing the fast fashion trends & abrupt reduction of supply chain.

We are game changer and leading company who are committed to technological innovation, strong outreach & service infrastructure and complete customer focus. The high productivity machine offered by Pantone India to meet today’s challenges and handletomorrow’s textile production requirement. We have strong client base across india who are dominating textile industry from long time with their versatile products.

Mr. Mahendra Rane.

Mr. Mahendra Rane possesses a bachelor degree in science. From the very humble family background he has grown up with his entrepreneur values and vision. He has more than 15 years of rich experience in textile machinery market. Pantone India is Vision and Mission of Mr. Mahendra Rane and Mr. Hiren Deshmukh to bring reform in digital printing world.

He has expertise in the subtle art of import export, commercial practice and business operation management. He leads the company’s commercial and financial wing. Pantone India is committed to establishitself in the pinnacle of digital printing world.

Mr. Hiren Deshmukh.

Mr. Hiren Deshmukh having B. Tech in Mechanical field. He has dream of becoming a successfulentrepreneur from the very early stage of professional carrier. As his roots are very deep in mechanical engineering, he is leading and holding command of the company’s technical wing. Maintenanceis the core of company’sbusiness, so he has decide to bring excellence in technical aspects.

Having a bold and dynamic personality he is taking care of company’s external affairs. Mr. Hiren Deshmukh and Mr. Mahendra Rane is always complemented each other by their values and vision, and set a perfect combination to lead a successful organization.